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KNVBC Premier Warm-up Tourney


Thank you for joining us at this year's KNVBC Kick-off Volleyball tournament!   We welcome you all along with your fans who have come to cheer you on this weekend!  


Coaches Check-in & Coaches meeting:  Upon arrival, coaches will need to check-in, verify and your team roster before playing your first match.  We will have the coaches meeting at 7:35 at the Tournament check in area.  We will need a head coach or assistant coach from each team to attend the meeting.  

Teams advancing to playoffs:  All teams will advance from 4 team pools.  The top 6 teams will advance for a gold division playoff from 7 team pools.    In 8 team division events - the top 2 from each 4 team pool will advance to a gold playoff and the remainng teams will advance to a Silver Playoff.

Awards: Tournament Division winners will receive KNVBC Tournament T-shirts and second place teams will receive Runner-up medals.    

Promotions Designs will be on-site with a great selection of Hoodies, Crewnecks, Long Sleeve & short sleeve volleyball apparel and more.  Please check out the many styles and options available. 

KNVBC Volleyball appreciates your attendance and asks that you demonstrate and practice positive Fan/Player/Coach behavior and sportsmanship at all times!  These are young athlete participants and adults who give of their time to help our players become better at this sport they love.  Please give them respect and support them positively! 

Amazing Facilities:  We are very fortunate to use these amazing FARHA facilities.  Please keep them clean and your team areas picked up.  Teams may set up camp in designated areas.  We are privileged guests at these facilities and with your help -- we will be able to continue using these great gyms.  

Credentials must be worn and be visible at all times.  To be on the bench, you must have green coaching credential or a blue Junior assistant credential.  Parents may help shag and score keep if they have a red parent credential but may not sit on the team bench.  

Tournament Officiating Responsibility:  For U14 and younger teams, a coach must be the R1.   For U15 and older teams, either the rostered Coach or Assistant Coach must be the R1, R2 or Scorer for the entire match. Failure to comply will result in a 5 point per set penalty to be assessed on each set in the team's next match.

We do have additional KNVBC tournaments with a few openings -- please contact Kevin if your team is looking for any additional play dates.  We would love to see you back with us!

Girls 18 Combined - Pool A
Court 1A, 1B
South YMCA (3405 S Meridi
1 Ks Networks Volleyball Club G18-1
2 Manhattan Mamba Volleyball G16-1
3 Alpha Volleyball Academy G18-1
4 Southwest Smoke G18-1
5 Wichita Legacy G18-1
6 DC Extreme G18-1
7 Shockwave VB Academy G17-2
7 Team Pool
MatchTimeCourt 1ACourt 1B
Play Ref Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 4 6 3 - 2 5
2 8:50a 1 - 6 4 7 - 5 3
3   2 - 4 1 7 - 3 6
4   4 - 6 7 5 - 1 2
5   6 - 7 3 5 - 2 1
6   2 - 7 4 3 - 1 5
7   6 - 5 2 4 - 3 7

All Timed Warm-ups are 2-4-4 (2 shared, 4 minutes Serving Team; 4 minutes Receiving Team)

All match times are approximate. The first three matches will not start before scheduled time unless all 3 teams are there and ready to play.
After the 3rd match, next match warmups should start within 2 minutes of previous match.

All Players must complete & pay for 2023-24 HOA registration before playing.

Full day only tournament formats:

  • 3 Team Pool Play: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where all teams advance to playoffs: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where not all teams advance to playoffs: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 5 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 6 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 7 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 9 Teams on 3 Courts: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.

Challenge Round and Playoffs will be two out of three sets. First two set to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
Third set, if necessary will be a 15 point with no cap.
During Playoffs the losing team is required to officiate the following match.

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