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MWVB January Jam +1


Welcome to our January Jam Tournament Sunday, January 7th.  We will be hosting all divisions at the Sports Forum Sunday, located in the Greenwich Shopping Center.  2668 N. Greenwich Road to the back of the shopping center.  There is a very nice LaQuinta in the parking lot next to the Forum and tons of eating establishments for your convenience. 


 Doors Open at 7:00am.  There will be a $5 Spectator Fee collected at the check in table.  The Forum will offer a Day pass for their jump park, please ask at the concession stand if interested. 

Limited Food and Drink is allowed, there is a full concession as well provided.  You may bring in your own seating but there will be limited bleachers as well provided.  Please know you are allowed to put your chairs on the hardwood floor up to the line on the floor we have to stay behind...we will be able to help you.  You may sit along the far wall and corners, please not in front or close to the score tables.  

Fine Designs will be at our tournaments with Tournament T's and apparel for your shopping pleasure!!  Enjoy them as they are new to our tournament this weekend.  

No Coaches meeting prior to pool play ~ please have your teams courtside ready to call for captains by 7:40am for the first pool play sets. 


All teams will advance to Bracket Play following Pool Play.

14's and 15's you have (6) teams ~ You will play two rounds of pool play.  Please look at the second round of pool play shown on the recording wall for your knowledge.  Pool play will be (2) sets to 25 starting 4v4.

All Pool Play sets will be (2) sets to 25 starting 4v4.  Bracket Play starts 4v4 however if a 3rd deciding set is played you will start at 0 and play to 15. 

Please look at the schedule one more time on Friday to make sure nothing has changed due to drops or adds.  Thank you.

We do not Cancel due to weather so plan accordingly with the weather. 

If you need anything prior to Sunday, please text me at 316-992-4634 so I can help you as soon as possible.  We look forward to hosting your teams and families this upcoming weekend.

Safe Travels.

Deb Phillips  Tournament Director 

Girls 14 Combined - Pool A
Court 6
Sports Forum
1 Southwest Smoke G14-1
2 Kansas Volleyball Club G14-3
3 Wellington Slammers G14-2
Girls 14 Combined - Pool B
Court 7
Sports Forum
1 Cowley Select G14-1
2 Wichita Legacy G14-1
3 Kansas Rise VBC G14-1

Round 1
Match Time Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 3 2
2 8:50a 2 - 3 1
3 1 - 2 3
30 Minute Break
(Unless ALL Teams Vote Against)

Challenge Matches (Match Play - Best 2 out of 3 sets)
Match Play Ref Play Ref
1 1st Pool A vs 3rd Pool B 2nd Pool B 1st Pool B vs 3rd Pool A 2nd Pool A
2 2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B Prev Loser

All Timed Warm-ups are 2-4-4 (2 shared, 4 minutes Serving Team; 4 minutes Receiving Team)

All match times are approximate. The first three matches will not start before scheduled time unless all 3 teams are there and ready to play.
After the 3rd match, next match warmups should start within 2 minutes of previous match.

All Players must complete & pay for 2023-24 HOA registration before playing.

Full day only tournament formats:

  • 3 Team Pool Play: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where all teams advance to playoffs: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where not all teams advance to playoffs: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 5 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 6 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 7 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 9 Teams on 3 Courts: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.

Challenge Round and Playoffs will be two out of three sets. First two set to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
Third set, if necessary will be a 15 point with no cap.
During Playoffs the losing team is required to officiate the following match.

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