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MWVB January Jam II


Brrrrrrr It is going to be a COLD weekend for volleyball ~ We will continue on in the cold to play this Saturday at Wichita Hoops.  The facility is located off of Hwy 254 and Webb Road in the far Northeast corner of Wichita 5260 Toler Drive BelAire

Doors will open at 7:00am.  Both the West and South Doors will be open for coaches check in and spectators.  There will be a $5 Spectator Fee collected at the door.  Coaches please come prepared with your Coaching credentials/lanyard visible for the check in staff to see.  They may ask you to pay $5 if they do not see your lanyard. 

Food and Drink is allowed in the facility, however, we have a new company contracted to provide a full concession for our families and will be open by 8:30am.  If you are bringing in food and drink, please be respectful of the teams around you needing camping space.  Trash bags will be provided for your teams to collect trash and bring it to the comncession area upon your team leaving for the day, our staff will take it to the dumpster for you.   

Age Divisions of 4, 6, 8, and 12 tearms ALL teams will advance to tournament play ~ divisions with (5) tearms the top 3 teams will advance to bracket play. 17's with (10) teams on three courts please follow the Pool you see on the schedule and follow the changing of the courts during pool.  Top (6) teams will advance to bracket play.  

If you are playing in a division of (6) teams you will have two pools of 3 teams.  You will play the standard 2 sets to 25 points starting 4v4 for your pool play.  Following pool play you will play a second round of pool play called a Crossover.  These matches will also be 2 sets to 25 points starting 4v4.  Following pool play all teams will advance to bracket play.   We will post the crossover and bracket at your score tables for you to see while you are playing.  

There will be NO Coaches meeting prior to the start of Pool play.  ALL playing and Officiating teams NEED to be courtside by 7:40 for the officiating team to call for captains at 7:45 for pool play to begin 8:00am straight up. 

Transitions between all matches need to be as follows:  As soon as the match is finished the new officiating team must be at the table starting the stop watch while the teams are getting to the court to start their 2 minute shared warm up.  If the next playing teams are not courtside the stopwatch still must be set for the 2 minutes.  Once the stop watch begins call for captains and do your pregame stuff.  Once the serving team has been chosen, look at your stop watch, if the 2 minutes is up then have the serving side take to the court for their 4 min warmup.  Please do NOT start the 2 minute warm up clock AFTER the Coaches meeting, it is to be done BEFORE.  If you wait until after the captains meeting then your 2 minute warmup becomes 5 to 10 minutes and thats when the end of the day becomes LATE in the day.  Please abide by what HOA and I as your tournament directorr require of the officiating teams.  

Coaches:   One Coach MUST be courtside during ALL Team Officiating Duties.  The one coach MUST perform one of the duties, R1, RII or Scorekeeping (the book) during your team's working assignment.  

Coaches:  Absolutely NO Profanity of any will be tolerated during our tournament.  You must RESPECT all teams, coaches and officiating throughout the day.  Please relay this to your teams as well.  I have been disappointed and annoyed by the lack of respect I have seen these past couple of tournaments.  We are all here for the Love of the Game and I expect Goodnes, Kindness and Grace RESPECT at all times whether calls go your way or NOT!!!! Leave the Hate at HOME

If you need me for any reason prior to this weekend, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time and I will help you.  A text to my cell phone will get answered in a more timely manner than anything else.  We look forward to serving you this upcoming weekend.  Please plan accordingly with the weather.  We will NOT Cancel due to weather unless forced to.   

Safe Travels ~ Deb Phillips Tournament Director  316-992-4634

Girls 16 Combined - Pool A
Court 9
Wichita Hoops, Wichita
1 ONE Volleyball Academy G16-4
2 Wichita Legacy G16-3
3 SE ELITE G16-2
4 Salt City Smash VBC G16-2
4 Team Pool
Match Time Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 4 2
2 8:50a 2 - 3 1
3   3 - 1 4
4   2 - 4 1
5   4 - 3 2
6   1 - 2 3

All Timed Warm-ups are 2-4-4 (2 shared, 4 minutes Serving Team; 4 minutes Receiving Team)

All match times are approximate. The first three matches will not start before scheduled time unless all 3 teams are there and ready to play.
After the 3rd match, next match warmups should start within 2 minutes of previous match.

All Players must complete & pay for 2023-24 HOA registration before playing.

Full day only tournament formats:

  • 3 Team Pool Play: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where all teams advance to playoffs: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where not all teams advance to playoffs: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 5 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 6 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 7 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 9 Teams on 3 Courts: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.

Challenge Round and Playoffs will be two out of three sets. First two set to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
Third set, if necessary will be a 15 point with no cap.
During Playoffs the losing team is required to officiate the following match.

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