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MWVB February Frenzy 1


WELCOME ~ Can you believe it is February already?!? 

We look forward to hosting your teams and families at our tournament we are hosting at the Wichita Hoops facility located at 5280 Toler Dr. Bel Aire, Ks in the Far NE corner of Wichita.  The common roads are Hwy254 and Webb Road.  There are some great hotels off the turnpike at the ElDorado exit if you are coming in from the East on the turnpike. 

There is a $5 Spectator fee for 5 and older. Both the West and SE entrances will be open at 7:00am for you to come early and check in.  Coaches please have your credentials visible upon check in. 

You may bring in limited food and drink with you for the day, as well as your own personal seating. There is a NEW Full concession available and limited bleachers available courtside on each court.

Please check back late Friday for any changes there may be to your schedule or court number prior to coming in on Saturday.  Changes occur as late as the day of.  :-/  

Tournament Shirts available for purchase. 




You MUST have your credentials visable upon check in.  Temporary badges will be available for our out of region teams.  There will NOT be a Coaches meeting prior to the first whistle to start pool play.  If playing first, please have your teams courtside by 7:40 to begin warm up and call for captains by 8:50.  Each match following the first round of pool play, the warm up timer for the 2 minutes shared warmup must begin immediately following the conclusion of the previoous match. Per HOA guidelines! Do NOT start the shared 2 minutes AFTER the coin toss ~ Your shared warmup will then become 5-7 minutes and those minutes ADD UP and make for a longer day.  If the team playing next is not courtside the timer MUST still be started and they will forfeit their shared warm up.  

*** You may reduce your warm up to 1-3-3 after everyone has had the chance to have a full 2-4-4 warm up for their first matches.  All coaches please discuss and agree to the change to 1-3-3 if you choose.  

If you have any questions or need anything prior to this weekend please do not hesitate to reach out to me, text messaging gets a quicker response.   We look foreward to hosting your teams and families.  Please look back late Friday to confirm no changes have been made between Monday and Sunday.  

Thank You Always ~ Deb Phillips Tournament Director


Girls 16 Combined - Pool A
Court 7, 8
Wichita Hoops, Wichita
1 Kansas Rise VBC G16-2
2 Alpha Volleyball Academy G16-2
3 ONE Volleyball Academy G16-2
4 Wichita Legacy G16-2
5 ONE Volleyball Academy G16-4
6 Kansas Rise VBC G16-4
7 Chanute Patriots G16-1
7 Team Pool
MatchTimeCourt 7Court 8
Play Ref Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 4 6 3 - 2 5
2 8:50a 1 - 6 4 7 - 5 3
3   2 - 4 1 7 - 3 6
4   4 - 6 7 5 - 1 2
5   6 - 7 3 5 - 2 1
6   2 - 7 4 3 - 1 5
7   6 - 5 2 4 - 3 7

All Timed Warm-ups are 2-4-4 (2 shared, 4 minutes Serving Team; 4 minutes Receiving Team)

All match times are approximate. The first three matches will not start before scheduled time unless all 3 teams are there and ready to play.
After the 3rd match, next match warmups should start within 2 minutes of previous match.

All Players must complete & pay for 2023-24 HOA registration before playing.

Full day only tournament formats:

  • 3 Team Pool Play: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where all teams advance to playoffs: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play where not all teams advance to playoffs: Three sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 5 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 6 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 7 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 9 Teams on 3 Courts: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.

Challenge Round and Playoffs will be two out of three sets. First two set to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
Third set, if necessary will be a 15 point with no cap.
During Playoffs the losing team is required to officiate the following match.

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