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Shelbie Morgison is your tournament director. Please contact her with any questions or concerns. or 785.806.0916. 

Schedules will be posted the Monday before the tournament. Please check back on Friday afternoon to see if there is a revised schedule.

Address: 404 Lecompton Road Perry, KS 66073 (PLMS and PLHS are connected and share the same parking lot)

Weather Policy: If the tournament needs to be cancelled or delayed, it will be posted here by 9:30 PM the night before the tournament.

House Rules: NO lawn chairs or crock pots inside building. Water bottles for players are allowed. Concession stand will be open.

Check-In: Please check-in upon arrival at the Tournament Director desk.  Make sure your roster is correct and complete.  All players listed on the tournament entry form must be registered with HOA.

Coaches Meeting: 7:40AM -- Please attend.

Coaches Credentials: Coaches must show their HOA/SportsEngine-issued credentials at check-in.  If you cannot show proof of credentials, you cannot coach/sit on the team bench. 

First Team to Ref: Please arrive by 7:30AM to make sure net height is correct and all supplies are at the score table.  Call for captains at 7:45AM and then start warm-ups.  Play starts promptly at 8:00AM.

Warm-Ups: Warm-Ups start immediately after the end of the previous match.  2 minutes ball handling, each team on their side of the net. After that, there will be 4 minutes court time for the Serving team, followed by 4 minutes court time for the Receiving team. After each team has played, warm ups will move to 1-3-3. Tournament Directors reserve the right to change warm-up times.

Scoring and Officiating: Rostered coach must be R1 in 14 and under, age groups.  For 15 and over, a rostered coach must be R1, R2, or scorer.  We also recommend having a registered parent rep or assistant sit at the score table to help with scorekeeping.

Format: Only play 2 sets in pool play. Start 4-4 go to 25. No cap. Once we move to bracket, play a 3rd set if necessary. Start this 3rd set at 0-0 go to 15. No cap.

1 Court -- 3 Teams (3 Gold)

1 Court -- 4 Teams (No Playoffs)

2 Courts -- 5 Teams (No Playoffs)

2 Courts -- 6 Teams (4 Gold, 2 Silver)

2 Courts -- 7 Teams (3 team pool advances to playoffs, 4 team pool -- No playoff)

2 Courts -- 8 Teams (No Playoffs)

3 Courts -- 9 Teams (3 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze)

6 team tournament: top two will advance to bracket play. 3rd place will ref the first match of bracket and then play each other in a consolation match. Medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place in Gold Bracket.

9 team tournament: 1st place will advance to a gold bracket, 2nd place will advance to a silver bracket, and 3rd place will advance to a bronze bracket. Bracket play is single elimination, once you lose in bracket play you need to stay and ref on your court. Medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place in Gold Bracket and 1st in the Silver Bracket.

Other: Traditional scoresheets will be used this season, as well as libero tracking forms.  There will be NO switching sides between sets.

Camp Area:  Keep camp area clean and neat, do not spread out.  If told by tournament officials to clean your area, please respect their directions. No ball play in the hallway! You will be held responsible for anything broken. 

Concessions: A full concession stand will be available provided by 8u Legends Softball. WALKING TACOS and sandwiches. Please plan to support this litte group if you can. Cheap and great options available. 

Girls 14 Select - Pool A
Court North
1 Jefferson County Volleyball G14-1
3 NEK Storm G14-A
3 Team Pool
Match Time Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 3 2
2 8:50a 2 - 3 1
3   1 - 2 3
Girls 14 Select - Pool B
Court South
1 Topeka Fury Volleyball Club G14-2
2 Jefferson County Volleyball G14-2
3 Jefferson County Volleyball G14-3
3 Team Pool
Match Time Play Ref
1 8:00a 1 - 3 2
2 8:50a 2 - 3 1
3   1 - 2 3

All Timed Warm-ups are 2-4-4 (2 shared, 4 minutes Serving Team; 4 minutes Receiving Team)

All match times are approximate. The first three matches will not start before scheduled time unless all 3 teams are there and ready to play.
After the 3rd match, next match warmups should start within 2 minutes of previous match.

All Players must complete & pay for 2023-24 HOA registration before playing.

Half day only tournament formats:

  • 3 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap.
  • 4 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap. (NO PLAYOFFS)
  • 5 Team Pool Play: Two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap. (NO PLAYOFFS)

Playoffs will be two out of three sets. First two sets to 25. Beginning at 4-4, no cap. Third set, if necessary will be a 15 point with no cap.
During Playoffs the losing team is required to officiate the following match.

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